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1957 Kopi + Makan @ De Centrum Mall, Kajang

1957 Kopi+Makan is a cozy place to serve Malaysian food and with a twist of western food, it is located at De Centrum Mall right next to the IUKL. Surprise me that I found a hidden cafe at Kajang, I believe a food lover like you will definitely like it! Thanks to Aiyee for the invitation. Although it is far away from Petaling Jaya or Kuala Lumpur but trust me, it is definitely worth to drive all the way to Kajang. MUST go...YES is a MUST!!!
Why 1957? It is truly an important and memorable year for Malaysia. Hari Merdeka or Independence Day for Malaysia was declared on 31st August 1957 by Tunku Abdul Rahman. 1957 Kopi + Makan was created with thoughts of gathering multi-racial food lovers, to come to a space where they can enjoy dining and relaxed catching up sessions over coffee.
Look at 1957 Kopi + makan's interior, designed to attract good crowd with good reason: this café has a high energy-yet-relaxed vibe with accompanying tunes, fun and colourful as well as an extensive menu th…

Lucky Cuisine Restaurant 吉祥四川菜馆 Lunch Set @ Kota Damansara

As everyone known that Kota Damansara as a area with a lot of commercial shops - mainly are food & beverage shops. We always struggle which and what restaurant to pick, because too many choices around. But lucky me, thanks to Ivan, owner of Lucky Cuisine and Racheal, the Founder of Foodilifecious gave me this opportunity to try out at Lucky Cuisine Restaurant. 
Lucky Cuisine restaurant is nicely decorated in an authentic interior design, feel likes dining in the ambiance of China town. Wooden round door with lantern lighting hanging on the arc and the antique vase displayed on the wooden rack. Lucky Cuisine has two floors to serve you and they do have Private rooms available too. Lucky Cuisine restaurant served authentic Szechuan cuisine, Szechuan cuisine are famous for their super spicy dishes, but here you can opt for less spicy as request. 
Introducing 15 selected dishes from spicy to non spicy. Serving dishes are cooked by China Chef, Master Sifu. And also, their chilli is impor…