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Swisstiva beauty review - Micrite 3D All Use Whitening Serum, Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum & Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum

Good day my beautiful ladies, today I am going to talk about Swisstiva's products.
What is Swissvita?
Swissvita is a skin care product from Switzerland with Paraben free, Alcohol free, Fragrance free and Pigment free.
Swissvita's story began 10 years ago in 2007 between two skincare labs who successfully combined the essence of European beauty with technological innovations of Asia. The concept was to create a skincare range that didn’t just hide the signs of aging but reversed it and so, every Swissvita product is created to help you bring out your natural radiance and beauty. We achieve this by using a natural extract known as AC-11 ®

Safe, all natural and water soluble AC-11® is a bioactive rainforest plant extract that helps the body to repair sun and environmental stress-related damage to DNA, and slow down the process of skin ageing. Derived from an indigenous plant only located in the Amazon rainforest, this natural product is the only known plant extract that has proven …

C88 Premier & Swarovski Zirconia co-branding collaboration signing ceremony

Shine bright like a diamond. Diamond is lady's lifetime partner. It is a great honor to participate the official signing ceremony of Swarovskico-branding & collaboration with HLW Jewellery Trading Sdn Bhd and Premier Jewelllery to design new jewellery.
Founded in 1985, Hup Weng Lee Jewellery Trading Company, carrying the brand CAP88 (known as Cap Lapan Lapan in Malay Language), is one of the leading jewellery distributors in Malaysia. Hup Weng Lee was founded by a group of passionate individuals who demanded nothing but excellence. In year 1997, Hup Weng Lee Jewellery Trading Company was registered into a private limited company in Malaysia, with the name of Hup Weng Lee Jewellery Trading Sdn Bhd. In 2009, the Company was renamed as HWL Jewellery Trading Sdn Bhd; following suit is the brand, which is now known as C88 instead of CAP88.
The Company exercises strict quality control and is meticulous from raw materials procurement, production to after-sales services. There have neve…