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[Beauty Review] Dear, Klairs Mochi BB Cushion & Mid Day Blue Sun Lotion

Makeup is women most powerful weapon. Every morning is a rush hour for me, I need to apply a quick makeup before I leave my house. 
Todays, K Beauty products are spreading around the world with their best advance makeup technology to all the ladies. Have you heard of 'Dear, Klairs'? This is my first time heard about this brand and also my first try. 

Who is Klairs? Klairs is a high-quality skincare brand that provides gentle, simple products for those with sensitive skin.
Lets get started with Happy Klairs' day! 
I proudly present these two products from Dear, Klairs - Mochi BB Cushion and Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion. I quite like their packaging as I love their pastel color which is the Tiffany blue and Sky blue color. Thus, I cant wait to try it on.  
 Dear, Klairs Mochi BB Cushion Pact (RM 108 - 15g) The Klairs all-time best-selling Mochi BB has been improved with a light finish and long-lasting coverage that fights sweat and oil all day, so you don’t have to worry. Filling in ar…

Hock Kee - Hock Chew Cuisine @ Lot 10 Hutong Heritage Food Village

Have you been heard of red wine mee suah before? I'm not familiar with this dishes and not taste it before. I even don't know where to find a good red wine mee suah. LOL! One of my friend told me that i can find it at Sitiawan but how often you will travel to Sitiawan, just to eat Rice Wine Mee Suah. 
Luckily and it was a blessing that i was invited to try Hock Kee's signature Red Wine Mee Suah located in Lot 10 Hutong. Hock Kee is a Hock Chew cuisine that serves authentic Hock Chew food that consist of noodles a.k.a mee suah, rice and dessert. 
To cook a great Hock Chew(Fook Chow) cuisine, you will need a great Fook Chow's rice wine and recipe. Here's a touching story behind the authentic rice wine & recipe. Many years ago, there is a young lady who left Fook Chow, China to Malaya to find a better living. Before she left Fook Chow, she received a jar of her mother's Fook Chow red rice wine as a goodbye gift. Having then resided in Malaya and forever separate…

Zion Club KL's Brand New Food Menu & Promotions

Zion Club KL hosted their first ever Food Tasting Party with approximately 100 media and invited guests. The party was hosted in conjunction with the launch of their brand new food menu and Happy Hour promotion menu.
From Asian to Western cuisines, Zion Club KL will be serving a full-fledged menu consisting of food items such as Emperor's Noodles, Magic Mushroom Pizza, and Curry Seafood Aglio Olio. For snacks, party goers are recommended to try their signature Laksa Fried Chicken Wings - deep fried chicken wings, marinated with their house famous laksa paste. Prices for food items on the menu ranges from RM 15, up to RM 38 per dish.
During the Food Tasting Party, Zion Club KL introduced their Happy Hour Promotions for both food and drinks. From Tiger Lager to Hoegaarden, the prices for their Happy Hour Promotion drink ranges from RM 10 to RM 16. Not to forget their Happy Hour Promotion food, the Fried Baby Shrimps and Grilled Spicy Lemongrass Chop.
Party-goers will also be delighted …