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MyKori Dessert Cafe @ Bandar Puchong Jaya

Hungry monster is on the way to grab nice dessert. Nom nom nom!!!
I am glad to know the new dessert shop for my buddies. Mykōri Dessert Cafe is located at Bandar Puchong Jaya in Puchong. Mykōri Dessert Cafe is very new in the town and I am glad to have the chance to try their desserts. The cafe is at second floor and easy to find with the cute unicorn signboard. 
The restaurant is cozy with a friendly and clean environment where people can enjoy the best deserts. The decoration concept created more space with simple outlook.

Today after dinner, we wanted to try some ice cold chilling dessert to refresh our mouth. Well, although we did not order all the dessert but at least I can recommend the HOT selling dessert to show you all. I promise I will try others dishes for my next visit and share with you all. Check this out~

Melon Kakigori (RM26.00)

Melon Kakigori is made from Rock Melon that totally different to others melon. Blended ice and surrounded by the fresh picked melon.Its taste more …

DutchLady 7 days Breakfast Challenge - Eat healthy, Stay healthy and Live healthy

Good morning, nothing like a hearty breakfast to kick-start a day, and first meal of the day is incomplete without a yummy beverage to wash it down. Lucky to be a Malaysian, we are spoil of choices when it comes to drink for breakfast. Some of us prefer to sip coffee or tea to give our sleepy body a jolt, some lift their mornings with malt beverage or juices and some even skip their breakfast.

Thank you Dutch Lady for introducing me a new way for an energetic and healthy lifestyle. I was very pleasant surprise when I receive a big breakfast and 7 packs of DutchLady milk in my office by DutchLady Malaysia. All my colleagues surrounded me and envy me. Hahaha!!! 

Well, it is a 7 days breakfast challenge given by Dutch Lady. Yahoooo!!! Challenge accepted baby, rock and roll time... Lets see how am I going to pair my breakfast with my Dutch Lady milk for 7 mornings. Check this out~

DutchLady Breakfast's 7 days challenge Day 1 A big breakfast pairing with Dutch Lady milk which prepared by Du…