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日暮里 Nippori at Empire Damansara (Japanese Homecook Cafe)

Weekend should be a leisure day and the happiest things to do on this day is to relax. Life is not about work, we need to balance it for example having a great meal. I came across this cute cozy Japanese restaurant from social media, it is a interesting place and tempting decoration, having a meal here is like dining in Japan. No joke, is true!!! This cafe named NIPPORI and is located at Empire Damansara.

Nippori provide Japanese home-cooking style meal. All every single meal are carefully cook cut and placed. The side dishes are very attractive and nicely decorated, there have - fruits (different kind of fruits), salad (sesame dressing), tiny fried potato, miso soup and pickles. All main course come with this complete side dishes. ENJOY!!! 

Highly recommend dishes *If you are Natto's lover, you must try this because it is very hard to find a restaurant that serve a FULL BOWL of natto with rice in Klang Valley.*