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INFINI treatment at VIPPS Clinic, Puchong

Greetings my followers... Sorry that I din't update my blog lately. Been busy with a lot of events, wedding dinners, outstation and travelling. Decent wear, presentable and outstanding look are always the main concern while going through all this.
Girls always have to do a full make up to cover their uneven skin and present their most stunning look. Wanted to have a smooth and even skin tone and it is a dream that hard to came true. Yes, most of my friends know that my skin not smooth. I've got acne, oily skin, pimples, open pores and uneven skin tones. But, luckily the technology is getting advanced. Most people will think of Korea as a primary choice for surgery.

But do you know about VIPPS Clinic? VIPPS Clinic had established in the aesthetics industry for 7 years. It is one of the most trustworthy aesthetics clinic and with professional doctors. Thank you VIPPS Clinic that I am glad to meet you.

I went to VIPPS Clinic to consult about my face, I had serious acne problem befor…

New riding experience with Ninebot Malaysia

The prevalence of technology in today's world makes our lives more convenient and certainly more productive than any generation before us. Lots of new high tech gadget and tools were invented, even tools that help you moving around faster. Have you heard about Ninebot before? Did you experience it before? Thanks to Edamamedia for inviting me to experience such an advance tools. And I couldn't believe that myself can control it even-though it is my first experience.. Hahahahaha!!!

My riding experience :D

Ninebot is the first largest intelligent equipment operator of tools for riding instead of walking around the world. The technology from Ninebot is based on advance aerospace technology and it integrates global prime resource and talent for its development. The applications used mainly for travelling distances which are to near to drive and not justifiable to walk.

Ninebot transportation technology is design to be environmentally friendly with no pollution emission. It's wholl…

New Kitschen's outlet at Mid Valley

Fashion's clothing are never in shortage and the demand for fashion clothing is always high. Window shopping is always not a fun things to do. We always have the dilemma when come to affordable fashion clothing and end up as window shopping.

Kitschen, a brand that carries an assortment of styles to cater even for the pickiest of youths. It is a fashion playground that encourages youths to experiment with what they're wearing and have fun doing it. At Kitchen, they will be mixing different styles, like mixing different ingredients to create their own original fashion concoction. Kitschen also provide affordable and good quality clothing. Girls who always have problem mix and match their clothing, Kitschen is the right place for you. Because I always have this problem, but now my problem is solved with Kitschen. MUACKXXXX...

Thank you Edamamedia and Kitschen for inviting me to their new outlet at Mid Valley last week. Congratulations to them!!! Yeahhh....!!! There is a contest com…