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Subcision treatment at Premier Clinic Bangsar

There are lots of ways to treat acne scar, the right treatment should treated on the nature of the scars. Popular choices of treatment are laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and chemical peels. Some acne scars are more superficial and appear in the form of small areas of hypo-pigmentation on the skin.  
Thanks to Premier Clinic, they revived me and you will never know the advancement of their machine can save a lots of people. I am very grateful to have this trustable aesthetic consultation by Premier Clinic at Bangsar.

Consulting Dr Elaine Chong about my acne scar. Dr Elaine Chong is an expert with great experience, she will explain what type of treatment you needed and it is depends on your skin type. 

Scarring is a nasty after-effect that can result from acne breakouts. While a breakout may have subsided, affected areas often still remain red or swollen-especially if the person experiencing acne gave in to the temptation to scratch and pick at pimples. When irritated and damaged, the sk…

A new local product launched Eternelle Organic Skincare

How does beauty begin? Yes, this is a very common question to all the ladies out there. Every single second of our life, we are chasing for the perfection of beauty, most of the times we struggled to source what kind of skincare's product are suitable to our skin type? Well, guess what we have now......
A new local brand called Eternelle organic skincare, formulated as pure, organic and all natural to nourish your skin with maximum benefits, regardless of skin type. The products were conceived with Asians in mind to meet their exacting needs with regards to their environments, weather condition, humidity and other anomalies. 
Puan Rohanna has flustered around the various beauty counters and aesthetics facilities for solutions. There were various invasive treatments and also sophisticated skin care products at exorbitant price but none delivered the results she desired.
Many chemicals used in skin care products can irritate the skin and cause allergies. Cosmetics companies use chemic…