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Grab a box of Christmas' quick gift at VA Groceries.

Season's Greetings to all my followers. It is great to have so long weekend. Are you all prepared to celebrate Christmas and new year with your friends and lover? And, have you prepare your gift to your friends and family? Go and grab it at VA_Groceries's online shop. Once you purchased, you will get a wonderful complimentary Christmas decoration, greeting cards and postage.

A la Carte Japanese's snack price as below; 

VA Groceries also provide Taiwan shopping service and Taobao shopping service. VA Groceries' staff will travel to Taiwan from 28 Dec 2015 to 5 January to help customer to purchase Taiwan goods, for etc face masks, snacks etc. You can Wechat them fro more info or follow their Facebook and Instagram account for a quick update.

VA_Groceries  Contact: 016-7112771 F

Fun and healthy organic premium soft-serve ice cream Honey Creme finally sets foot in Klang Valley

The sweetness part of dessert always give us a great memory. People love desserts especially girls, but WHY? because it can make us happy. Dessert connoisseurs in the Klang Valley can rejoice as the organic premium soft-serve ice cream brand, Honey Creme has already set foot in a local food haven at Desa Sri Hartamas. Meanwhile, I would like to thank you Honey Creme for inviting me to their grand opening ice cream shop. It was so crowded and lots of fun too and I am so happy to be able to attend.

Ice cream have always been stigmatized as unhealthy and nutritionally deficient but indulging in Honey Creme does not have to be frowned upon and reserved only for diet cheat days. Specially handcrafted with premium organic ingredients from all over the world including South Korea's top organic milk and creams, Honey Creme's soft serve can be a healthier option with nutritional toppings like raw honeycomb, organic mixed grains, heart-healthy dark chocolate or simply the sinfully indulg…

Totalife Genetic Slimming Breakthrough Session

A lot of men and women around the world today are staying in the battle of weight loss and still do not seem to win it all. Staying in healthy weight and be slim is not only about looking good and boosting self confidence but most importantly being healthy physically without increasing risk of getting chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases. It is very common to see how some people seem to put on weight so easily even trying to exercise and be healthy but some other people eat all they want and still stay slim without growing jelly belly.

Today I am going to introducing this awesome health products to all my beloved followers. Totalife - Make your Life Better, have you heard about Totalife before? Totalife first started in Taiwan in 1990, expanded to Malaysia in 1995, followed by Singapore in 2003 and China 2005. Totalife backed by advanced R&D faculty and manufacturing facilities of their own in USA, allowed them to develop products that are techn…