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Exclusive Launch of Timberland's Fall/Winter '15 Black Forest Collection

Who is a Timberland fans here? Yes, i am. Even my father is one of their fans. In the meantime, I would like to thank you Timberland for the invitation to their private event. Timberland has long been known and respected as a brand for the outdoors. Hence, with the launched ofthe Black Forest Collection, one of their Fall/Winter 2015 collections as part of their "Made for the Modern Trail" campaign, Timberland is re-defining the outdoors, bringing closer to the city, where a new generation of adventure seekers love their lives. 

Timberland's take on fashion's most adaption tone, the Fall/Winter 2015 Black Forest collection embodies the dark and beautiful shades of grey found in the deepest parts of the woods married with monochromatic head-to-toe looks. In tune with the global fashion trend of charcoal styles, the collection features premium leather boots, sleek apparel and modern jackets in city-centric silhouettes, greyscale hues, and an unmatched attention to detai…

My experience with Premier Clinic - Subcision treatment

"The true Losers in Life, are not those who Try and Fail, but those who Fail to Try.”  The above quotes mean to encourage those who failed before and it's not end of the day, so stand up and be confidence to try again. By the way, good day to all my beloved followers, how many all of you lack of self confidence? So do I... Most likely I guess 80% of people is not satisfied with their appearance. But why? Because we ain't born in perfect or perhaps it is our skin problem. We have many type of skin problems likes - oily skin that cause acne and scaring, dry skin cause pigmentation and over weight cause unhealthy body. How can we solve this problem? And who able to help people like us? Well, guess what... I am grateful to have this trustable aesthetic clinic consultation by Premier Clinic.

Premier Clinic offers a wide range of aesthetic services and they have 2 branches in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and another in Bangsar. I went to the TTDI's branches and my first impression was…

Bubble Gum Wax - The Waxing Expert

Austin Power said "Dear Shaving commercials, please stop shaving hairless legs. If you want to impress us, try shaving a gorilla." 
LOL.. Happy days to all my followers. Let's see...Are you a hairy person? How often you shave your hair? How frustrated are you facing all your body's hairy? Wanna to know more about it and how you can solve your hairy thingy problem? Interesting right? Check this out~

Last week, I went to a nearby waxing service, Bubble Gum Wax located at Casa Tropicana. What's about Bubble Gum Wax – The Waxing Expert™ is an established waxing & hair-removal company with a team of trained & qualified therapists with years of experience under their belts. They have been celebrating smooth skin since 2011.
Their goal is to give their customer the best quality waxing in the most comfortable and relaxing environment. They invite you to feel refreshed and pampered with their full-service waxing for both men and women. They provide the best full servi…

The return of the Allan Perera Charity Show: Laugh your way to free education


A little bird told me of an Upcoming Event in support of Edunation, a not-for-profit movement seeking to build a free educational ecosystem online for Malaysian students. Allan Perera, Malaysia’s much loved comedian, musician, artiste and philanthropist is back by popular demand with more giggles to share. This charity show is sponsored by Brickfields Asia College (BAC) with all proceeds going to Edunation.

The first half of the 100-minute show, A Vinyl Invasion, is a musical with the second half showcasing Perera’s wicked comedy satire “Malaysia’s Got Scandal”. This unique show features Allan playing many whacky Malaysian-inspired characters such as Elvis Tan, Y.B. Wan Bedek Wan Temberang, Saudara Kam Mun Ting and Guitar Joe. Perera’s return has given birth to a new initiative called the Giggle Challenge which is a social media driven, awareness and fund-raising gig similar to the virulent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The idea is to gather as many giggles as possible th…