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Shoppr’s 14-Day Style Diary From 21st of Sept to 4th of Oct

To all my friend, some update about Shoppr's 14-Day Style Diary.
Shoppr is launching their 14-Day Style Diary starting from Monday. I was asked to join them in their 14-Day Style Diary, a campaign that empowers girls to review their fashion decisions over 14 days to show how dressing well can improve one’s self-confidence. It starts on Monday, 21st of Sept and ends on 4th of Oct.
Register on to track my progress by following me (Angietanned)
Or download Shoppr, join me in the challenge, and track your progress too! • iOS: • Android:
and don’t forget to include #shopprstylediary #shopprstyle in your post.

SHOPPR. Saviour for fashion lover.

Hi boys and girls!!! I had a hectic weekend, attending a few events and dinners. How about you? Do you have problem of finding the suitable outfit for outing, event and dinner? Do you have problem matching ur nice dress, top & skirt with shoes? I always spend a lot time digging my wardrobe. But I am glad now I found a great apps that solve my problem. I am sure this app will save you also. Have you heard SHOPPR before?

SHOPPR is an apps that can inspire you, thousand of fashion forward girls like you sharing their of OOTDs in SHOPPR. You only need to search for the styles you want, and SHOPPR will come back with thousand of OOTDs posted by user. You'll no longer have to worry about how to style that dress, top or skirt left hanging in your closet. SHOPPR also allow you to post your OOTDs and inspire others and you can also interact with other users.

And the best thing is if you saw some great outfit that you love, and you don't know where you can get it. Just simply press IN…